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The Eurasian Cookbook
A Project of The School of Russian and Asian Studies

After an extended stay abroad, students will often bond with their host culture. Upon returning home, they can often find that they begin to feel homesick for the friends they made abroad, the places they frequented, and especially for foods they discovered.

From the delightfully simple pirozhki and hearty pelmeni and borsch to the surprisingly additive sweet-salty chak-chak and the exotic fizziness of kvass and tarkhun – all of these can easily become regular parts of student diets while abroad, and cravings after they return home.

SRAS therefore began a cookbook project to empower students to make these items at home. Each recipe comes with one of the best historical and cultural descriptions available online, and a healthy dose of Russian to help keep the language skills learned in Russia alive and well!

Приятного аппетита! Возвращайтесь к нам еще раз!

More on Russian/FSU Food offers many recipes, as well as an on-line service for purchasing Russian food products.  This site is amusing if only for the fact that many who write for it apparently know just enough English to be dangerous!  Run your search from the box at the top of the site - change the engine from "Shopping" to "Recipes."

RusCuisine offers lots of no-nonsense recipies and quite a bit of shopping. provides information about a new cookbook co-sponsored by Smirnoff vodka and Rose Advertising. You can also check out the author's personal weblog at offers several English-language recipes for Russian foods. However, it's original Russian version is much more informative and extensive and even offers advice on dinner etiquette and a series of old Soviet-era food advertisements and propaganda posters. features recipes for Ossetian pies and feta cheese... mmmm. delivers affordable food products from Russia to addresses in America. Never tried kvass? Here you go! is run by a Frenchman in New York who is fascinated by the foods of post-Soviet lands. He gives recipes, travel reviews, and restaurant reviews. has a very good introductory article to food in the Georgian capital of Tblisi.

Top 7 Places to Travel for Food - includes both Tblisi and Kiev!

2018-01-26 - Satsivi

2017-11-21 - Tkemali

2017-10-25 - Nadugi

2017-10-03 - Mchadi

2017-09-05 - Syrniki

2017-07-01 - Polish Pickle Soup

2017-04-22 - Kluski Slaskie (Silesian Dumplings)

2017-03-20 - Polish Fat Thursday Donuts

2016-06-13 - Adzhika

2016-02-19 - Kulebyaka

2015-12-17 - Kasha (Kutiya, Sochivo)

2015-05-27 - Zurek

2015-04-09 - Central Asian Culinary Discoveries

2015-02-01 - Halva

2015-01-22 - Korean Sparzha

2015-01-22 - Korean Carrot Salad

2015-01-15 - Guide to Food in Adjara

2014-07-22 - Cheburek

2014-07-04 - Bird’s Milk Cake

2013-12-09 - Herring under a Fur Coat

2013-06-28 - Mors

2013-04-15 - Oromo

2013-02-03 - Khatchapuri

2013-02-03 - Kharcho

2012-09-24 - Fermented Milk: An SRAS Guide

2012-09-24 - Vinegret

2012-09-20 - Pryanik

2012-08-30 - Okroshka

2012-04-05 - Kulich

2012-02-06 - Lagman

2012-02-05 - Pickling Russian Style

2012-02-04 - Chak-Chak

2011-07-01 - Tarkhun

2011-04-03 - Manti

2010-12-14 - Olivier Salad

2010-10-01 - Pelmeni

2010-09-02 - Kvass

2010-08-03 - Plov

2010-06-11 - Shashlyk

2008-10-23 - Beshbarmak, Borsok, Eggplant Salad (Kyrgyz Foodways)

2006-10-26 - Borsch, Okroshka, and Solyanka (Soup po Russkii)

2005-11-30 - Vodka Berries Romanoff and More "Naughty" Vodka Foods

2005-05-23 - A Brief Conceptual History of the Russian Diet

2005-03-09 - Blini