Erin Decker Accepted to Language Service Corps

Erin Decker enjoying the view in Kiev, Ukraine
SRAS's Erin Decker taveling
in Ukraine. She has just
been accepted to NLSC.

Erin Decker, former SRAS Translation Abroad student and current SRAS Moscow Coordinator, has recently been confirmed as a Charter Member of the National Language Service Corps (NLSC).

The NLSC is part of the United States' National Security Education Program. It seeks to develop a database of volunteers with language skills who "have expertise in languages that are important to the security and welfare of the nation. The NLSC provides certification to qualified individuals as part of its enrollment process."

This database will be used to deploy help in times of emergency and for other national and state efforts.

Erin has been accepted as an overseas member and may be deployed if needed within Russia or any of the nearby countries where Russian is commonly spoken. If so, Josh Wilson, SRAS Assistant Director, or another SRAS employee would take over her duties until her return.

Asked about her recent confirmation, Erin said: "I am proud to be part of the NLSC for the opportunity to serve my own country while living in another."

SRAS congratulates and supports Erin in her decision to accept this new status.

For more information on the National Language Service Corps, see their website.


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