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Call for Papers: Vestnik!

Russia's Top Five Movies, December, 2014

Poland in the News, December, 2014

How the News is Reported in Russia, December 2014

Nashe Radio Top Five, November, 2014


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Corinne Hughes Receives Vestnik Jury Award

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Students study at St. Petersburg State University

SRAS for Educators

About: The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) is an organization dedicated to encouraging  education in and about the countries of the former Soviet Union. As part of this effort, these pages are intended to help professors "market" their programs at home and increase program practicality by leading group travel in the FSU.

Custom Programs and Research Travel

Affiliate and Partner Programs

More Publishing and Professional Resources

Materials from SRAS

Professor Led Travel

Making the Most of Faculty-Led Travel outlines the major issues involved in group travel to Russia and how to plan for them well in advance. Save yourself the logistical headaches and focus on the academic benefits of faculty-led travel!

Sample Itineraries and Travel Ideas:

1. Siberia: culture and environment
2. Moscow-St. Pete: culture and history
3. Borovsk: art and meeting locals
4. Moscow: cultural tours
5. St. Petersburg: student politics

Basic SRAS Travel Services details our basic package of travel services.

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Classroom Materials
and Advocacy

Advocate your program with statistics and resources that argue why Russia-related courses are important to today's students.

Online Materials can make your courses more interactive!

Program Practicality is very important in growing a program and justifying its existence to administrators.

Expand Your Student Base by increasing cultural awareness in your community and by showing that Russian can be invaluable to students in other fields such as politics and business.

Grants and Resources are available to fund and maintain your program.

SRAS Resources lists lots more services for professors and students.

 Business students meet with the management of KMB Bank, Moscow, Russia

 Journalism students visit NTV studios in Moscow, Russia

 Melissa Tyson attended an art program in St. Petersburg - photo courtesy of M. Tyson

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2010-01-23 - Developing Russian Programs and Curriculum

2007-04-13 - Fulbright Programs for Russian Scholars

2006-04-05 - Professional Development

2006-03-23 - NSLI Funding for Russian Programs

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