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  Summer-Palace---Copy Charles Arndt III, Visiting Assistant Professor at Union College, leads his students through The Hermitage in St. Petersburg. His tour was assisted with Faculty Led Tour services from SRAS. Click here for more pictures!

Thanks again to (SRAS Assistant Director) Josh Wilson for being so helpful with getting us started! At our concluding discussion class yesterday I asked the students to write and then present five "Kliuchevykh slov" about their experience. Several of them wound up referencing Josh's comments about trying to observe without judging, which he made during the Moscow Walking Tour. Thanks for helping me teach this course!

- Jane Costlow,
  Professor of Environmental Studies
  Bates College



Just yesterday my student successfully defended her honors thesis on environmentalism around Lake Baikal, a project that
would not have been possible without the fieldwork that she conducted on her SRAS study abroad program in Irkutsk. I hope to see more such projects in the future and will keep directing students to SRAS programs!

- Julia Chadaga, 
  Visiting Assistant Professor,
  Macalester College



The SRAS guides were excellent! They really knew their stuff and were able to relate the history of the places we visited in an interesting and inventive way. It was obvious they had a lot of experience working with American students

- Charles Arndt III, 
  Visiting Assistant Professor,
  Union College

At Stetson, we've used SRAS to arrange all of our student study abroad trips for the past five or six years. During that time we've sent dozens of students on summer- and semester-long programs in Moscow, St Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Irkutsk. In every interaction I've had with them, SRAS has been prompt, reliable, knowledgable, courteous and quick to lend a hand when needed.
Moreover, SRAS is always ready to set up special courses and internships to suit every student's needs. They really understand the needs of today's college students. And they are constantly developing new and exciting opportunities.

- Dr. Michael A. Denner, Director of the Russian Studies Program, Stetson University

We had a great time overall. The students were super impressed with SRAS -- the guides, the accommodations, the excursions, etc. The guides were super knowledgeable and kind--the only thing that would improve the tours is volume. They tend to speak quietly so a few people who can't hear lose interest. But we loved the Hermitage art project and Novgorod, and the bunker, and going behind the fountains at Peterhof, and the boat to Peterhof... We loved everything!

I can't say enough wonderful things about SRAS. Thank you so much for everything. I hope that some of our students choose to study through one of your programs in the future.

- Ona Renner-Fahey, Associate Professor of Russian, University of Montana

Renee, the work that you do is so far beyond any kind of formal service or trip planning in your vision, scope, and ability to think of absolutely everything and anticipate potential problems in advance. You clearly have a gift for this. 

- Andrea Lanoux, Associate Professor, Connecticut College

"Renee, thanks again for putting the trip together this year. I know the students had a grand time--and it looks like we might have snared a few to major! I'll be in touch in the fall about 2005. Best, David"

- David Galloway, Assistant Professor of Russian, Hobart & William Smith Colleges

"Dear Renee, Thanks for the note. I have just about decided that I am not going to Russia this year because I made my 50th trip  there in the summer. I have a couple of students who may go to Russia. I have recommended SRAS to them and have indicated that you are very knowledgeable and helpful. I will recommend any other individuals to you  that want to go to Russia. Thanks again for the note. BEST WISHES, Charles

- Charles McDowell, Director, Center for Post Soviet & East Eur Studies, University of Texas at Arlington

"My Dear Renee, I am still in Kazakhstan but can report back we had a perfectly splendid time in Kyrgyzstan. The students and I want to collectively buy a little plot of land and a yurt or house in the village at the base of the mountains. They loved their families and I fell in love with Kenzhe, we want to include her in our documentary. I will be in touch over the next two weeks. Forever grateful to you. Jane"

- Jane Knox-Voina, Professor of Russian, Bowdoin College

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