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The Visiting Scholar
"Diplomacy and International Relations" Program

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This extraordinary program at MGIMO is designed for upperclassmen interested in combining Russian language study with classes in international relations, diplomacy, and/or economics. The program gives a unique opportunity to be immersed in the Russia's domestic and international politics. Students will be studying with some of Russia's future leaders at Russia's leading institution for international studies.


This Program is Available in:

MGIMO is Russia's top school for international studies.Moscow State Institute
of International
Relations (MGIMO)
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on this program!
Frequently Asked Questions

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- Program Description -

This program is formulated to give students an intense but flexible educational program. Intermediate to advanced students of Russian can enroll for regular semester classes, conducted in Russian and attended by the diverse student population of MGIMO.

A full load is generally 3-4 full semester courses (which are typically 72 contact hours of lectures and seminars), but often there are short seminar courses that can be taken in addition. A full schedule to choose from is available upon arrival. You can get a general idea of courses regularly offered on the MGIMO website. The language of instruction at MGIMO is Russian - only students with advanced Russian language skills will be accepted for this program.

Contact SRAS and let us know your interests and Russian ability. We can design a program with you from the options available that will fit your needs and budget.

- Program Sessions -

Spring: Feb 5 - June 15, 2018 (Apply by Oct 15, 2017)   
Fall: Sept 3 - Dec 21  (Apply by May 1, 2018)
No summer session available
Missed the deadline? Contact SRAS about late submissions.

- Program Costs -

1. Visiting Scholar Fee

Semester (up to 5 months) - Cost: $1775
Includes visa and registration, health and accident insurance, enrollment costs, consultation during the course selection process, pre-departure safety and orientation guides, access to SRAS cultural events, and full SRAS support during your stay.


Full Academic Year (up 10 months) - Cost: $2450
Includes all services and items listed above.



2. Tuition

Regular Semester Tuition - Cost: 950 Euro/month*

Includes full-time tuition at MGIMO (approx. 12-15 credit hours) for one month. All classes will be taught in Russian. Note that while students may theoretically enroll for one month, enroling for 3-4 is recommended.



3. Housing

Dormitory - Cost: approx. $250/month

This is the cost of a space in a double room. Costs listed are current as of Fall, 2017. Inquire to confirm cost.


Home Stay - Cost: approx. $26-32/day

Meals are additional cost.


Optional, Additional Language Study  - 
Cost: 25 Euros/academic hour* for private tutoring
         or 720 Euros/month* for group study (18 hrs/week)

MGIMO not what you are looking for? Check out our other Political Science Programs!

*All costs in Euro are converted to dollars at the time of payment using the exchange rate provided by the FED. This dual-currency pricing is made necessary by the fact that MGIMO charges tuition in Euro while SRAS is an American institution. All prices subject to change without notice. Inquire to confirm costs.

**Other cost-of-living and travel estimates.

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