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The Church on Spilt Blood
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SRAS Culture Labs
Learn Russian, Live Russia!

Most SRAS culture labs are designed to give you a wide introduction to your city and to Russia as a whole. These strive to be laid-back, educational, and an opportunity for students to get to know each other while also allowing students to control their budgets and persue individual interests.

Others are intended to be more intensive, supplying cultural immersion that will form the basis of a professional understanding of Russia. 

Note that these programs, while available to all students as listed, are not included in the program costs of our visiting scholar programs, our degree enrollment assistance programs, or other programs as indicated on the individual program pages. The vast majority of programs do include the culture lab for the relevant city as listed. More programs will be listed soon as we finalize the development of the materials.

2018-02-08 - Irkutsk Cultural Program

2018-02-03 - Odessa Culture Lab

2017-05-13 - Moscow: Eurasian Seminar

2014-09-01 - Bishkek Culture Lab

2013-10-10 - St. Petersburg Cultural Program

2011-06-06 - Odessa Culture Lab

2011-06-06 - Kiev Culture Lab

2010-10-04 - Vladivostok Cultural Program