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SRAS cultural programs are designed to give you a wide introduction to your city and to Russia as a whole. These structured experiences are laid-back, educational, and an opportunity for students to get to know each other

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Vladivostok's Funicular: a
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In our experience, however, most students prefer to save on the costs of organized activities and to have mostly free time – to study, to peruse independent interests, and to spend time with the friends they make from around the world while in Russia.

To strike a balance between these needs and wants, we offer several core activities, attendance to which is required and the cost of which is included in most programs (see the individual program pages for details). We also offer several optional experiences which are available at additional cost.

1. Included Events

Vladivostok Walking Tour
We begin our tour in downtown Vladivostok at the train station (Vokzal). It is one of the oldest buildings in the city and has been beautifully restored and maintained throughout the years.  Across from the train station, we make a stop to visit the Lenin monument, which is the identical monument of Lenin in Saint Petersburg! From there, we will pass by the former "Grand Hotel", which served as a hotel through the Revolution. Now, it remains a beautiful, historical landmark. From there, you will see the former home of Yul Brynner, "Gray Horses", Svetlanskaya Street, Tikhiy Okean Theater, Hotel Versailles, Russkiy Chai, Arsenyev Museum, Central Square, White House, Ussuri Theater, GUM department store, and many more!

Safari Park
Just North of Vladivostok, lies a beautiful forest with a safari park! Enjoy some peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the city with a tour guide and the ability to feed and pet the wildlife. At Safari Park you will see Noble and Sika Deer, Wild Boar, Rabbits, Squirrels, the hand fed Bears, Fox, Badgers, Raccoon, and Wolves. It's a fun relaxing way to get out and see the wildlife that the Russian Far East has to offer! If the weather permits, enjoy a picnic in the park.

The Funicular in Vladivostok
One of the most interesting things that every tourist in this city must experience is the "Funicular".  There are only two Funiculars in Russia: one in Vladivostok and one in Sochi.  It is a short electric train ride from Far Eastern National University, up a hill to the "Eagle's Nest". At the top of Eagle's Nest, you can see a breath taking, panoramic view of beautiful Vladivostok.  At the top, there is a monument to the founders of Russian language. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can see many wedding photos being taken here. You will also find out the reason why there are locks attached to fences and to the bell at the top! There is a small souvenir shop located at the top of the hill where you can purchase gifts for friends and family at home.

Cultural Performance
Each semester, students are treated to one cultural performance. In this past, this has generally been a play or ballet but has also, based on requests and scheduling, could be a puppet show, a jazz performance or even concerts by modern group.

2. Optional Events

Vladivostok Puppet Theater
Who ever thought that going to a puppet show could be so much fun!  Vladivostok has one of the most interesting kids/adult puppet theaters in the country. There they offer a variety of shows beginning with the history of Vladivostok, performances of Mozart, Shakespeare, and many others!

Tour of the Shkotovo Region Waterfalls
Spend a day, summer or winter, exploring the waterfalls that surround the Vladivostok Region.  During the time of the tour, you will rise to the volcanic plateau at the height of 750 m. above sea level. It's a breathtaking adventure! There are two stream flows: Right and Left Tiger Gorbatov, where water falls from a height of 9.10 meters in the valleys with dark gray basalt walls. In winter, the waterfalls turn into huge ice arrays, sparkling like pink and white diamonds.  During the excursion, we will take a lunch break for a picnic (weather permitting) and time to explore and photograph these amazing waterfalls. 

Vladivostok Fort Museum Tour
Take a few hours to go and visit the "Fort". It's an interesting, interactive museum here.  Everyday at noon, they fire one of the old, giant guns.  It's very interesting to watch. You can also experience various historical reenactments, wedding photos, luncheons, and be witness to holiday events! It's located in the heart of Vladivostok, near the aquarium and Nabrezhnaya, with many interesting old Russian guns, a tank and many other war related artifacts. It's something that every tourist in Vladivostok must experience!

Other Events
SRAS will keep a close eye on events and let you know of other unique tours, exciting Russian cultural events such as Maslenitsa festivities, etc. These events are often available at little or no cost.

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