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The Second Birobidzhan
International Summer Yiddish Program
August 19 - September 1, 2008

You can still apply for participating in the summer Yiddish program  which will take place in Birobidzhan, Russia, the only place in the world  where Yiddish has an official status as the state language. Please write to  our Bar-Ilan office with "Summer School" in the  topic, till July 27, 2007.

The program is intended both for university students as well as anyone  else interested in the subject. It will consist of 70 academic hours and a  host of cultural events. The students will have the opportunity to  participate the ethnographic expeditions covering the breadth of the Jewish region  as well as visiting the pioneering settlements, which to this day bear  Yiddish names – Birofeld, Naifeld, and Valdheim; meet the original pioneers  and the representatives of the Autonomous Region government; visit the local  Jewish institutions – the "Birobidzhaner shtern" Yiddish newspaper, the  local Radio and Television, the museums, the Shalom Aleichem Library, the new synagogue and the community center, the old synagogue, the closed  Jewish cemetery, Yiddish writer's memorial sites; visit the neighboring city Khabarovsk; enjoy Shabbat meal ("Tish") at the local Jewish community,  etc.

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