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Welcome to SRAS article archives. 

These articles have been formerly featured in the SRAS Newsletter - a free monthly publication. The articles and newsletter are designed to give information on a wide range of subjects related to Russia and former Soviet Union: the languages, histories, cultures, and politics that can be found there. Most are designed to be concise overviews of their subject, giving much information in a short space so as to be informative and good material for beginning research for larger papers and studies. 

These articles may be reproduced for educational purposes, but must be cited as the source. Those interested in commercial publication of these articles, interested in contributing to this section of our site, or interested in subscribing to our monthly newsletter should contact Josh Wilson, Asst. Director and General Editor, at

You may also be interested in our many other resources for studying Russia and the FSU.

2017-02-20 - Russian Holiday Histories

2014-12-03 - Understanding Moscow Through Literature, History, and Film

2012-12-13 - Crime and Publishing: How Dostoevskii Changed the British Murder

2010-01-28 - Kyrgyzstan, A Love Story, Part II

2009-05-05 - Kazakhstan: American Gains Fresh Perspectives

2008-10-10 - Kyrgyzstan, A Love Story

2008-04-22 - Life in a Reindeer Collective - 2

2008-03-20 - Life in a Reindeer Collective

2007-08-20 - Business Schools: Choosing an MBA Program in Russia

2007-04-19 - SRAS Encyclopedia of People, Places, and Concepts

2006-12-21 - History of Russian Holiday Ornaments

2006-11-27 - Vestiges: Capitalism in Post-Soviet Space

2006-11-23 - A Who's Who of Moscow Business Reform

2006-10-13 - Sheep Guts Won't Kill You (Part II)

2006-09-23 - Sheep Guts Won't Kill You

2006-09-21 - The Nizhny I Knew

2006-04-24 - Culture Shock: A Kyrgyz in the States

2006-02-13 - The SRAS Encyclopedia of Russian Government Institutions

2005-12-30 - Manas: The Kyrgyz Odysseys, Moses, and Washington

2005-08-12 - Public Education in Russia from Peter I to the Present

2005-03-29 - The Children of Russian Censorship

2004-10-10 - The Fast Food Phenomenon

2004-09-20 - Post Soviet Theatre