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SRAS Ambassador
and Alumni Referral Program

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Recently restored church in downtown Irkutsk.
Frequently Asked Questions

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This program is open to all SRAS alumni. The same conditions apply whether you take on an active Ambassador role or simply refer friends and acquaintances to us casually.

If you would like to be a SRAS Ambassador on your campus, contact us. We can coordinate with your study abroad department to set you up with a table one or more times, host info sessions, or you can present to relevant classes, academic clubs, and other student organizations. We will get you the materials you need and instructions for how to be sure you and those you refer to SRAS are credited.

To refer a friend or acquaintance, simply contact SRAS and let us know who you are referring. Ask the applying student to also mention that you referred them to us as they are corresponding with the SRAS representative. 

Ambassador and Alumni Program Rewards:

  • Enrollment in a summer program: $100 to you as Referrer and $100 program credit to the Referee. 
  • Enrollment in a semester program (12 weeks or longer): $200 to you as Referrer and $150 program credit to the Referee.
  • Enrollment in an academic year program: $300 to you as Referrer and $200 program credit to the Referee.

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