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Alumni Rewards and Student Initiatives
Referral Awards, Matching and Military Scholarships, and More!

SRAS Programs

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  More Financial Aid for
Study Abroad to Russia:

Financial Aid to Study Russian in Russia

SRAS is committed to our students and our alumni. As part of our outreach to alumni, we have developed a system of rewards specific to our program graduates. As an organization that also encourages student initiative, we offer matching scholarships, active duty military scholarships, and opportunities for those who offer their talents to the SRAS newsletter. We even offer a way for students to save on program costs by signing up in groups together.

This is all in addition, of course, to our many other scholarship offerings. None of our scholarships, rewards, or incentives are mutually exclusive. They may be combined for a maximum of $1000 per semester. 

Which of these applies to you?

  1. Matching Scholarships
    (Boren, Gilman, FLAS, others)
  2. Returning Alumni
  3. SRAS Ambassadors & Referrals
  4. Military Scholarships
  5. Talent Sharing
  6. Group Incentives


1. Matching Scholarships    back to top

SRAS strongly supports the Boren, Gilman, and FLAS scholarships. To help boost their effectiveness further, SRAS offers matching awards for anyone who uses funds from one of these scholarships to enrol in SRAS programs. Actual awards vary by the specific program, location, and and length of program you chose, but average awards are: $350 for any standard SRAS program* lasting six weeks or longer, $500 for any program of three months or longer, and $750 for academic year programs. SRAS will consider granting matching scholarships for other awards applied to our programs on a limited case-by-case basis. Contact us for more information!

To apply for these matching scholarships, just let your SRAS representative know that you have been awarded funds by one of these programs. You must apply for an SRAS program of at least six weeks in length to qualify. We will verify the award by having you send a scan of the acceptance letter and/or through contacting the awarding organization.


2. Returning Alumni Program    back to top

SRAS offers several discounts for student who have already been abroad on an SRAS program.* If you plan to return to Russia:

  • Returning alumni receive $500 off for any standard full semester SRAS program* or $300 for a summer program of at least three weeks, or $750 for a full year.
  • Returning alumni are also preferred candidates for our Talent Sharing program (see below). Contact us about writing for our newsletter, making a video, creating for our site, or whatever your talents can create while abroad and you can receive additional program discounts if your idea is accepted.
  • Free tourist visa support (non-rush) for our alumni who wish to return to travel Russia. (Limit once per SRAS program the returning alumni has participated in).

More Funding
from SRAS
Charles Braver
Language Exploration Grants

Charles Braver - Educator, Student, Traveler

Research Abroad Grants
photo from zyalt
More Funding Specifically for SRAS Students and Alumni!SRAS-Funding


3. SRAS Ambassador and Alumni Referral Program    back to top

To qualify for this program, you must have already studied abroad with SRAS. The same conditions apply whether you take on an active Ambassador role or simply refer friends and acquaintances to us casually.

If you would like to be a SRAS Ambassador on your campus, contact us. We can coordinate with your study abroad department to set you up with a table one or more times, host info sessions, or you can present to relevant classes, academic clubs, and other student organizations. We will get you the materials you need and instructions for how to be sure you and those you refer to SRAS are credited.

To refer a friend or acquaintance, simply contact SRAS and let us know who you are referring. Ask the applying student to also mention that you referred them to us as they are corresponding with the SRAS representative. 

Ambassador and Alumni Program Rewards:

  • Enrollment in a summer program: $100 to you as Referrer and $100 program credit to the Referee. 
  • Enrollment in a semester program (12 weeks or longer): $200 to you as Referrer and $150 program credit to the Referee.
  • Enrollment in an academic year program: $300 to you as Referrer and $200 program credit to the Referee.


4. Military Scholarships    back to top

For the men and women who have served active duty in the armed forces, SRAS offers discounts of up to $350 for any standard SRAS program* lasting six weeks or longer, $500 for those three months or longer, and $750 for those lasting a full academic year. You qualify so long as you've served active duty and have a military or veteran ID. Contact us for more information!


5. Talent Sharing    back to top

SRAS can offer small grants to SRAS students who complete projects that support SRAS and its stated organizational goals. These are considered on a highly selective case-by-case basis. SRAS is currently seeking students with video creation and editing skills. Students with experience working with HTML also also encouraged to apply. Occasionally, students are also awarded for specific research projects which result in articles or other material publishable on our site. Contact us for more information.


6. Group Incentive Program    back to top

Sometimes study abroad is easier if you already know a few students on your program*, and you can go through the steps of getting credit transferred, purchasing a flight, and making the trip over as a group. In addition to these benefits:

  • If 3 others sign up with you for a program*, each of you get 5% deducted from the total program cost.
  • If 6 others sign up with you for a program*, in addition to the 5% program deduction, receive a bonus to the cultural program. Usually this entails the inclusion of an optional element, but can include other custom elements - such as free train tickets for a weekend trip, or an additional cultural performance. Contact us for details.
  • In order to qualify, all students must be on the same program*, in the same location, and for the same study dates.
  • Some summer programs may qualify for other group discouns - contact us for details.

To take advantage of this program, just mention in your correspondence with your SRAS representative, who will be assigned to you and contact you shortly after you register with our site. Let us know who you are signing up with and we enrol you for the incentive program as well if you qualify!

~ Special Group Incentives for Summer, 2012! ~

These programs will have special incentives for Summer, 2012: Mass Movements: From Protest to Revolution; Art & Museums in Russia; Culinary Adventure. These programs are eligible for special discounts as follows: 

Sign up with a friend – each get 5% discount
Sign up with three friends – each get 10% discount

* Eligible Programs: Travel research packages, degree programs, faculty-led or study-abroad office organized programs, and some highly customized programs may not be eligible for SRAS scholarships, awards, and discounts. Contact us to inquire.


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