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Affiliate & Partnership Programs
more flexibility and opportunities for you and your students

The School of Russian and Asian Studies (SRAS) is a unique and innovative organization promoting study abroad and internships in one geographic region. We concentrate our efforts in Eurasia – and specifically Russia, Central Asia, Poland, and Ukraine, where we have developed a range of programs targeted to students of nearly every discipline, and with a flexible view to Russian language ability.

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A professor led tour to Siberia!
Students on a
faculty-led program in Siberia.
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SRAS students tour St. Petersburg
Above: Students on our walking tour of St. Pete!
  Financial Aid to Study Russian in Russia

For this reason, a SRAS Affiliate or Partner may be a department within a university, or it may be the university as a whole as represented by a study abroad/international office (or similar). A formal affiliation/partnership with SRAS does not limit in any way your ability to work with other third party providers or to develop your own programs.

Table of Contents:

For questions, comments, or to inquire about becoming a SRAS Affiliate or Partner, contact us.

Affiliation with SRAS      Return to Top

Affiliating with SRAS is perfect for institutions that would like to give their students a more diverse set of study abroad options from a flexible, knowledgeable third-party provider with extensive, 24-hour in-country support.  

An Education Fund is established for each SRAS affiliate based on the number of students from the affiliate who enroll in any SRAS program each period (semester or summer). Your institution then has the opportunity to decide how to use the fund – offer scholarships to deserving students for participation in any SRAS program or fund program evaluation visits by a faculty member from your institution.

Official affiliation with SRAS allows your institution to save time and money, as well as to gain access to the substantial resources and knowledge of a group of dedicated individuals who have been involved in study abroad to Russia and Eurasia for over 15 years. In addition, students from affiliate institutions are given top priority for admission to programs with limited space, for internship selection, and for SRAS scholarships.

As a SRAS Affiliate, we anticipate that you would assist in distributing information (electronic, print, or simply verbal) about SRAS programs to your students, list SRAS on your institution’s study abroad pages, encourage your students to sign up for our extensive free publications via email and/or Facebook, facilitate transfer of credit and financial aid, invite us to visit your campus to meet with students, and generally communicate with us frequently so that we have a better understanding of your students' needs and your institutions' policies and procedures as concerns study abroad.

Partnerships with SRAS       Return to Top

We have outlined below the general parameters of the most common partnerships with SRAS. We recognize that each institution is unique and so we consider this outline to be the basis for further discussion.

1. Program Outsourcing       Return to Top

Russian language/studies programs are often unable to maintain study abroad programs due to low/inconsistent enrollment or other logistical issues. SRAS offers its partners a new way to pool their resources with ours and those of other SRAS partners to make educational, exciting study abroad experiences a part of all programs.

As a SRAS partner, your institution may either a) choose one of our base programs, potentially with some customization, and promote it as your own; or b) offer your students the opportunity to select from any of the SRAS programs as listed on our site. We recommend the latter option to meet the interests and/or credit needs of a greater number of your students.

In the first option (your own program), pricing is established specific to your program parameters and level of customization. In the latter, more popular, option, we offer your institution a discounted rate (based in part on the number of students coming from your institution). In both cases we bill your institution directly while we handle all other program details directly with the student.

2. Faculty-led Programs        Return to Top

Faculty-led Programs can be the perfect solution if students don’t have access to study abroad due to time, monetary, or institutional constraints. Students in certain disciplines, such as engineering, those on financial aid, and even those studying on trimester systems often find it a challenge to include study abroad in their education.

Faculty-led Programs also have advantages for professors. Many report that faculty-led programs allow them to stay in touch with the language and culture of the subject they teach – and the experience often sparks intense interest in students, who then enroll in more Russian classes at home after the trip. See more about what faculty say about us and our faculty-led programs here. What better way to stay in touch with what is happening than to be there to experience it?

Who is SRAS? 
Click here to find out more about SRAS, what we do,
and why we do it!

SRAS can assist with all aspects of planning faculty-led programs, including:

•    Helping you develop a concept and budget;
•    Finding avenues for promoting the trip;
•    Providing 24-7 “on the ground” support in Russia;
•    Coordinating visas, accommodations, domestic travel, and guided tours;
•    Organizing custom seminars and group classes.

Contact us for more information. For a more detailed look at faculty-led travel and related SRAS services, click here.

3. Co-Branded Programs & Custom Arrangements        Return to Top

Creating study abroad programs for specific fields, with specific parameters, can be time consuming, frustrating, and expensive. Most study abroad offices and service providers rarely want to tackle the task. However, SRAS already has more than a decade of experience in creatively building cost-effective custom solutions in a broad range of fields, from language and history to math and science.

With this type of affiliation, SRAS helps you develop a program, including the program type, location, curriculum, application requirements, and admissions criteria. SRAS organizes the academic facilities and qualified faculty at the host university to teach the courses and supervise internships, and also provides medical and travel insurance, onsite housing, excursions, orientation, and other logistics.
We realize that every institution has a unique set of needs, and SRAS welcomes the chance to discuss with you how we might be able to help meet your institution’s study abroad needs to Russian-speaking countries. Contact us and let us know a convenient time to call you for an initial, informal discussion.


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